Frequently Asked Questions

  • In iTunes, ratings and reviews are not the same thing. You can leave a star-rating without writing a review, but every written review must include a star-rating.

    If you look at the reviews tab for your podcast in the iTunes store, you’ll see the two separate numbers: a number of ratings (left and center) and a separate number of “customer reviews” (right). It’s common to see more ratings than reviews. That means some of the people who left a star-rating did not include a written review with it.

    My Podcast Reviews shows your review data. Thus, My Podcast Reviews is reporting the number of reviews correctly.

  • We classify any show as a commercial podcast if any of the following is true.

    • It is in a business category
    • Its content is about business
    • It is run by a business
    • It promotes or is a lead-generator for a business
    • It is sponsored by a business

    If your podcast is thus classified as a commercial podcast, then you may only use My Podcast Reviews with a paid plan.

    We exclude the following types shows from the upgrade requirement.

    • A nonprofit organization that helps businesses
    • A podcast that receives donations from its audience
    • A podcast that uses affiliate links within relevant context (and not treated as a sponsor)
  • My Podcast Reviews collects your podcast reviews on a frequency set by your account type:

    • Personal: updated monthly from when you add your podcast
    • Solo: updated weekly on the day you choose in your podcast settings
    • Pro, Network, and Unlimited: updated either daily or weekly on the day you choose in your podcast settings

    Thus, if you manually check iTunes and see new reviews, then they are newer than the last time your podcast was refreshed by My Podcast Reviews.

    If you wish to receive your new reviews more quickly, then please consider upgrading to a higher account level.

  • If you sign up for an annual plan and change your mind within 30 days, you may request a prorated refund for the remaining 11 months of your subscription.

    Because My Podcast Reviews delivers immediate value once you have added a podcast, we cannot offer a refund on your first month.