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The latest data from Apple Podcasts, updated nightly, courtesy of My Podcast Reviews™.

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total valid podcasts
total episodes available in feeds

These totals reflect valid podcasts and their included episodes in Apple Podcasts. There have been many, many more podcasts and episodes, but they are not all still available through valid feeds.

Added and Removed

added in the previous day
added in the last 90 days

While most added podcasts are new, a small number may be returning to the catalog after years of being hidden or removed.

This is a 7-day rolling chart of podcasts added and removed from Apple Podcasts including and preceding the latest nightly update of our data. There's usually little to no activity on the weekends or during holidays.

removed in the previous day
removed in the last 90 days

There are many reasons podcasts may be removed from the catalog: technical problems, hiding or removing by choice, and policy violations. Apple does not remove valid podcasts for being inactive.

Detailed activity

Active vs. inactive podcasts

We define “active” as any podcast that has published at least one episode in the last 90 days, and “inactive” as any podcast that has not published any episode in that same time.

“Inactive” does not necessarily mean those shows are dead, podfaded, or podflashed. “Inactive” could include these along with shows that have been ended, retired, put on hiatus, or have an infrequent publishing schedule.

Podcasts by available episodes in feeds

Due to a variety of default feed-episode limits and podcasters' own choices, any feed with 10 or more episodes may not be showing the podcast's entire episode archive.

Active vs. inactive by available episodes

For those wanting a more exclusive definition of “active” podcasts to filter out podflashes (shows that barely started before being abandoned), we suggest looking at podcasts that have four or more episodes with at least one episode published in the last 90 days.

Podcasts by latest episode age

This segments podcasts based on how recently the latest episode was published from each. This is not chart the age of all episodes.

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