Privacy Policy

Posted: May 8, 2015.

What information we collect

My Podcast Reviews (“MPR”) collects information about you and your podcast(s) from publicly accessible third-party systems, as specified in “Property Data” of the Terms of Service. This includes but may not be limited to information about your podcast: titles, descriptions, authors, cover art, RSS feed, website, ratings, rankings, and reviews.

Additionally, MPR collects limited personal information from MPR users: name, email address, IP address, payment choice, and associated podcast(s).

From podcast reviewers, MPR collects even less information: iTunes nicknames, podcast platform containing the review, and the country in which the review was published.

What we do with this information

Publicly available podcast information may be used for promotional purposes, as granted by the Terms of Service.

Personal information will be used only for direct contact, account management, and abuse control by MPR. Subscribers to MPR’s Free plan are automatically added to MPR’s email newsletter list, but they may opt out at any time.

Information from podcast reviewers is shared with MPR users.

What we don’t do with this information

MPR respects your privacy and will never sell or otherwise distribute your personal information to third parties.